Have you noticed that when you throw your darts they travel sideways or slanted? This is possible due to mainly two aspects. The first aspect contributing to darts travelling sideways is not holding the dart in the correct centre of gravity of your dart type. And the second aspect contributing is not releasing your dart at the correct time.

Get Acquainted with Your Dart Types’ Centre Of Gravity

There distinct types of darts available in the market such as front-weighted, centre-weighted, and rear-weighted. All these darts have barrels that differ in weights. These different weights focus on one side of the dart more than the other.

  • Centre-weighted darts: In centre-weighted darts, the weight is evenly distributed mostly in the centre. So, you can say these darts are more forgiving than the two mentioned below as there is no extreme amount of weight on either end of the barrel. If you are a newbie, start with these types of darts.
  • Front-weighted darts: In front-weighted darts, as the name suggests, most of the weight is towards the front. So, if you hold this type of dart towards the rear of the barrel, it can cause you dart to wobble or land on your dartboard pointing upwards. What you need to do is find a centre of balance towards the front of the dart before throwing.
  • Rear-weighted darts: In rear-weighted darts, most of the weight is in the rear. So if you throw this dart by holding it too far in the front, your dart may land pointing downwards. What you must do is find a good centre of balances towards the end of the dart before throwing.

Know When to Release Your Darts

Releasing your darts at the correct time is very crucial in general as well as to make them go straight instead of sideways or slanted. You must practice achieving the skill of releasing the darts not too soon or too late to keep the throw straight.

Bring out your dartboard and start practising today to make your darts travel straight like a pro.