Planning a party and want to hire a DJ? Than it doesn’t need to be expensive. Even if you’re almost running out of budget, it’s possible to hire a good and professional DJ. We give you three options.

DJ Maximuss

Allround party DJ ‘Maximuss’ will turn your event into an awesome party. This experienced DJ performed in many clubs and at parties. Thanks to his endless playlist he can play all the songs the audience wants to hear. DJ Maximuss rocks your party!

DJ Kix

Want to turn back in time? DJ Kix is the DJ for your party! This DJ will play all the classics you love. Dance on eighties tracks like ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ from Whitney Houston or ‘Into the Groove’ from Madonna. Or sing along with nineties tracks like ‘I Want It That Way’ from the Backstreet Boys or ‘You Oughta Know’ from Alanis Morissette. 

DJ Erase

Jazz & Lounge DJ Erase is the perfect DJ for a party, dinner or reception. He plays smoothly jazz and lounge tracks. This enables your guests to still have a nice conversation. Want to hear more dance music later at the party? Than DJ Erase can easily change the genre.

Want to hire a DJ?

Want to hire an affordable DJ for your party? We advise you to contact an entertainment company. Evenses is the entertainment professional. We are specialized in DJ hire for parties. Check our range of DJ’s.