If you’re thinking about setting up a company in the Netherlands, the Dike International company is able to assist you professionally throughout the whole process. They can make sure you can start your Dutch company within only 5 working days already. Starting a company in the Netherlands isn’t difficult if you have the right company who can guide you and inform you about all the requirements needed.


What do you need for starting a Dutch company?

– first you have to choose the right legal entity

– you select an available company name

– you deliver all the required documents for registering your company in the Netherlands

– the Power of attorney and your date card, created by the notary office

. A few other requirements the Dike company is able to assist you with are obtaining your social security number, obtaining your bank account and your VAT number. When you have all set, you need to sign your Power of attorney and data card; now you’re have been legalized and your company is successful founded in the Netherlands.

Please contact the Dike International company for questions or assistance.